Ingredients:- 1 Potato 1 Teaspoon Chicken or Beef Mince 1 Teaspoon Wheat Flour Milk Chives Laughing Cow Cube Cheese Garlic Onion Mushrooms Olives Soy Pepper Salt Oregano   Method:- For Mash Boil one potato until soft. Grate & mix in salt pepper, chives, spoon of milk & one laughing cow cube cheese. For sauce Sauté a spoon of chicken/beef mince in a pan on high heat until dark brown, add garlic ... Read More
December 1, 2016Anoop Chaudhary


In a society where those who don’t conform to a thin-is-good stereotype are often subject to ridicule and exclusion, how does one calibrate the space between the politically correct and the medically correct? As the world marked Anti-Obesity Day over the weekend, Yogesh Pawar examined the issues around body shaming ... Read More
November 28, 2016Anoop Chaudhary