Bariatric surgery is the most effective weight loss method. Given its popularity amongst the obese, it is important to not only be aware of the potential benefits, risks of the procedure but also be aware of other important information provided ... Read More
July 3, 2018Anoop Chaudhary


Excess weight and the risk of cancer According to WHO, obesity has tripled in the past forty years with over 1.9 billion overweight persons worldwide. [1] Obesity is a bigger challenge today as extra fat in the body ... Read More
June 25, 2018Anoop Chaudhary


The psychological impact of the reality that one is overweight can be emotionally challenging and affect self-confidence. Obese people find it difficult to lose weight simply by following diet and exercise alone. A person who has tried all the non-surgical attempts ... Read More
June 12, 2017Anoop Chaudhary